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Best Paint To Hide Wall Imperfections In 2023

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Walls are an essential part of any room, but they’re not always perfect. Sometimes they have dents, scratches, or other imperfections that can be difficult to hide. Fortunately, there are paints available that can help to minimize these blemishes. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best paint options for hiding wall imperfections in 2023.

Types of Paint

There are several types of paint that are suitable for covering up wall imperfections. One of the most popular options is matte paint. This type of paint has a non-reflective finish that helps to hide surface irregularities. Another option is eggshell paint, which has a slight sheen that can help to reflect light and minimize the appearance of flaws. Finally, satin or semi-gloss paint can also be used, as it has a slightly reflective finish that can hide minor imperfections.


Before you start painting, it’s important to properly prepare the walls. This includes filling any holes or cracks with spackling paste and sanding down any rough areas. You should also clean the walls thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris. Once the walls are clean and smooth, you can apply a primer to help the paint adhere better.

Color Choice

Choosing the right color can also help to hide wall imperfections. Lighter colors tend to reflect more light, which can make imperfections less noticeable. Neutral shades such as beige or gray are popular choices, as they can create a calming and sophisticated atmosphere. However, if you want to add some drama to your space, you can also consider bolder colors like deep blue or dark green.

Paint Application

When it comes to applying paint, it’s important to use the right technique. Start by cutting in around the edges of the room with a brush, and then use a roller to cover the larger areas. Be sure to apply the paint evenly and avoid overloading the roller, as this can create drips and streaks. If you’re using a textured paint, you may need to apply two coats to achieve the desired effect.

Brand Recommendations

There are many paint brands on the market that offer products specifically designed to hide wall imperfections. Some popular options include Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select Matte, Sherwin-Williams’ SuperPaint Interior Matte, and Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra Matte. These paints are all formulated with advanced technology that helps to minimize surface irregularities and create a smooth, even finish.

Additional Tips

In addition to using the right paint, there are several other tips that can help to hide wall imperfections. For example, you can hang artwork or photographs over particularly rough spots to draw attention away from them. You can also add texture to the walls with wallpaper or a textured paint finish. Finally, consider using lighting strategically to highlight certain areas of the room and create a focal point.


When it comes to hiding wall imperfections, there are many options available. By using the right paint, color, and application technique, you can create a smooth and flawless finish that enhances the look of your space. With a little bit of preparation and some careful planning, you can transform your walls into a beautiful and inviting backdrop for your home.