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How To Become Lead Paint Certified

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Lead-based paint is a common problem in older homes and buildings. Exposure to lead can cause serious health problems, especially in young children. As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established strict regulations for lead paint removal and renovation. To work on projects that involve lead paint, you must be certified by the EPA. In this article, we will discuss how to become lead paint certified in 2023.

Step 1: Determine Your Role

The EPA has different levels of certification depending on your role in lead paint removal or renovation. There are three levels: Renovator, Supervisor, and Inspector. The Renovator certification is for workers who will disturb lead-based paint during renovation or remodeling projects. The Supervisor certification is for individuals who will oversee Renovators. The Inspector certification is for individuals who will inspect buildings for lead-based paint hazards.

Step 2: Attend a Training Course

To become certified, you must attend an EPA-approved training course. These courses are typically offered by private training providers or community colleges. The courses cover a range of topics, including lead-based paint hazards, health effects, and safe work practices. The length of the course varies depending on the certification level.

Step 3: Pass the Certification Exam

After completing the training course, you must pass a certification exam. The exam covers the material presented in the training course and is designed to test your knowledge of lead-based paint hazards and safe work practices. The exam is typically administered by the training provider or a third-party testing organization.

Step 4: Apply for Certification

Once you have passed the certification exam, you can apply for certification with the EPA. The application process requires you to provide proof of your training and certification exam results. You may also need to provide documentation of your work experience.

Step 5: Maintain Your Certification

To maintain your certification, you must complete refresher training every five years. The refresher training is designed to keep you up-to-date on changes to the regulations and best practices for lead paint removal and renovation.


Becoming lead paint certified is an important step for anyone who works on older homes or buildings. The EPA’s regulations are in place to protect the health of workers and residents from the dangers of lead-based paint. By following these steps, you can become certified and ensure that you are working safely and effectively on lead paint projects.