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How To Dispose Of Bad Paint In 2023

How to Dispose of Paint the Right Way Better Homes & Gardens


Paint is an essential item when it comes to home improvement and renovation projects. However, it’s also important to know how to dispose of bad paint. Paint takes a long time to decompose, and improper disposal can harm the environment. In this article, we’ll discuss how to dispose of bad paint safely and responsibly.

Identifying Bad Paint

Before we dive into the disposal process, let’s discuss how to identify bad paint. Bad paint can have a foul odor, a lumpy texture, or separated layers. If the paint has been sitting for a long time, it may also have mold or mildew growth. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to dispose of the paint.

Don’t Throw it in the Trash

The first thing to remember when disposing of bad paint is to never throw it in the trash. Paint is considered hazardous waste and should be handled with care. Throwing paint in the trash can lead to environmental damage, and it’s also illegal in many states.

Donate or Recycle

If the paint is still usable, consider donating it to a local charity or non-profit organization. Many groups accept paint donations for home improvement projects, and it’s a great way to reduce waste. Alternatively, you can recycle the paint by taking it to a recycling center or a hazardous waste facility.

Dispose of Latex Paint

Latex paint is water-based and can be disposed of easily. If the paint is still in good condition, you can dry it out by leaving the lid off and allowing the paint to harden. Once the paint is dry, you can throw it in the trash. If you have a large amount of latex paint, consider taking it to a hazardous waste facility.

Dispose of Oil-Based Paint

Oil-based paint is more difficult to dispose of than latex paint. You can’t throw it in the trash, and it’s not accepted at most recycling centers. One option is to mix the paint with kitty litter or sawdust to solidify it. Once the paint is solid, you can throw it in the trash. Another option is to take it to a hazardous waste facility.


Disposing of bad paint is an important part of responsible home improvement. By following these tips, you can dispose of paint safely and help protect the environment. Remember to never throw paint in the trash and to consider donating or recycling usable paint. If you’re unsure about how to dispose of paint, contact your local hazardous waste facility for guidance.