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How To Dispose Of Paint In Massachusetts

How to Dispose of Paint the Right Way Better Homes & Gardens


Paint is an essential part of home decoration, but disposing of it can be a challenge. Improper disposal of paint can harm the environment and pose a hazard to human health. Therefore, it is essential to know the right way to dispose of paint. This article will guide you on how to dispose of paint in Massachusetts.

What is Paint?

Paint is a liquid substance that is applied to surfaces to add color and protect them from damage. Paints are made up of a mixture of solvents, pigments, and binders. The solvents in the paint can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly.

Types of Paint

There are two types of paint: latex-based and oil-based. Latex-based paint is water-soluble and can be cleaned up easily with water. Oil-based paint, on the other hand, is not water-soluble and requires solvents such as mineral spirits or turpentine for cleanup. It is important to know which type of paint you are dealing with to dispose of it properly.

Disposing of Latex-based Paint

Latex-based paint is not hazardous waste and can be disposed of with regular trash. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the paint should be completely dried before disposal. This can be done by leaving the paint can open or using a paint hardener. Second, the paint should be disposed of in small quantities to prevent spills and leaks.

Disposing of Oil-based Paint

Oil-based paint is considered hazardous waste and cannot be disposed of with regular trash. It must be taken to a hazardous waste disposal facility. Massachusetts has several hazardous waste disposal facilities that accept oil-based paint. It is important to call ahead and check the hours of operation and any disposal fees.

Alternatives to Disposing of Paint

If you have leftover paint that is still usable, you can donate it to a local organization such as Habitat for Humanity or a community center. Another option is to recycle the paint. Massachusetts has a paint recycling program that accepts usable paint and recycles it into new paint.

Tips for Disposing of Paint

When disposing of paint, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, always read the label on the paint can for disposal instructions. Second, never pour paint down the drain or onto the ground. Third, always wear gloves and protective clothing when handling paint. Finally, always dispose of paint in a well-ventilated area.


Proper disposal of paint is essential to protect the environment and human health. In Massachusetts, latex-based paint can be disposed of with regular trash, while oil-based paint must be taken to a hazardous waste disposal facility. Alternatives to disposal include donation and recycling. Remember to always read the label and follow disposal instructions, wear protective clothing, and dispose of paint in a well-ventilated area.