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Is It Expensive To Paint A Brick House?

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When it comes to renovating your house, painting it is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to give it a fresh look. But when it comes to painting a brick house, many people wonder whether it will be expensive or not. In this article, we will discuss the costs associated with painting a brick house.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Painting a Brick House

The cost of painting a brick house depends on several factors. Firstly, the size of the house, the type of paint, and the labor costs will determine how much you will have to pay. Secondly, the condition of the brickwork will also affect the cost. If the bricks are in good condition, the cost will be lower than if they are damaged, and it needs repairs before painting.

The Cost of Painting a Brick House

The average cost of painting a brick house is around $3 to $7 per square foot. This means that if you have a 2000 square foot house, you can expect to pay between $6,000 and $14,000 for painting.

Do-It-Yourself Vs. Hiring a Professional

If you are thinking of painting your brick house, you may be wondering whether you should do it yourself or hire a professional. While painting a house yourself may seem like a cost-effective option, it can be challenging to get the job done correctly. Hiring a professional will ensure that the job is done correctly and that the finished product looks great.

Types of Paint for Brick House

When painting a brick house, you need to choose the right type of paint. There are several types of paint available, including latex, acrylic, and elastomeric. Latex paint is the most common, and it is suitable for most types of brickwork. Acrylic paint is more durable and resistant to weathering, but it is more expensive. Elastomeric paint is the most expensive but is also the most durable and long-lasting.

The Benefits of Painting a Brick House

Painting a brick house has several benefits. Firstly, it gives your home a fresh new look and can increase its curb appeal. Secondly, painting can protect your brickwork from weathering and damage from the elements. Finally, painting can also increase the value of your home, making it a worthwhile investment.


In conclusion, painting a brick house can be a costly undertaking, but it is an investment that can pay off in the long run. By choosing the right type of paint and hiring a professional, you can ensure that the job is done correctly and that your home looks great for years to come.


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