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Lead Based Paint Certification Michigan: What You Need To Know In 2023

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Lead poisoning is a serious public health concern that affects millions of people, especially children, in the United States. To combat this issue, the government has implemented regulations that require certification for those who work with lead-based paint. In Michigan, these regulations are enforced by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. In this article, we will discuss what you need to know about lead-based paint certification in Michigan.

What is Lead-Based Paint?

Lead-based paint is a type of paint that contains lead as an additive. It was commonly used in buildings built before 1978. When the paint deteriorates, it can create lead dust or chips that can be ingested or inhaled by people, leading to lead poisoning.

Why is Lead-Based Paint Certification Required in Michigan?

Lead-based paint certification is required in Michigan to ensure that those who work with lead-based paint are properly trained and equipped to handle it safely. This includes contractors, painters, and remodelers who may disturb lead-based paint during their work.

What are the Requirements for Lead-Based Paint Certification in Michigan?

To become certified in Michigan, individuals must complete an accredited training course in lead-safe work practices. The training must be conducted by an accredited training provider and include at least eight hours of instruction. After completing the training, individuals must pass an exam to become certified.

How Often Must Lead-Based Paint Certification Be Renewed?

Lead-based paint certification in Michigan is valid for five years. After that, individuals must complete a refresher course and pass an exam to renew their certification.

What Are the Consequences of Failing to Obtain Lead-Based Paint Certification?

Failing to obtain lead-based paint certification in Michigan can result in fines and legal action. Additionally, those who work with lead-based paint without proper certification may be putting themselves and others at risk of lead poisoning.


Lead-based paint certification is a crucial component in protecting public health and ensuring the safe handling of lead-based paint. If you work in the construction or remodeling industry in Michigan, it is important to obtain proper certification to protect yourself, your clients, and the environment. By following the regulations set forth by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, we can work together to prevent lead poisoning and create a safer Michigan.