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Lead Paint Certification In Maryland

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What is Lead Paint Certification?

Lead paint certification is a program that is designed to ensure that people who work on buildings built before 1978, when lead paint was banned, are trained to work safely with lead-based paint. The program is mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and applies to contractors, renovators, and painters who work on pre-1978 buildings.

Why is Lead Paint Certification Important?

Lead paint can cause serious health problems, especially in children, including learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and even brain damage. When lead paint is disturbed during renovations or other work, it can create lead dust, which can be dangerous if inhaled. Lead paint certification ensures that workers are trained to handle lead paint safely, which reduces the risk of lead poisoning for both workers and building occupants. It also helps to prevent lead contamination in the environment.

Who Needs Lead Paint Certification?

If you work on pre-1978 buildings and disturb lead paint, you need to be certified. This includes contractors, renovators, painters, and anyone else who may come into contact with lead paint during work.

How to Get Lead Paint Certification in Maryland

To get lead paint certification in Maryland, you need to take a training course from an EPA-accredited training provider. The course covers topics such as lead-safe work practices, health effects of lead exposure, and regulations related to lead paint. After completing the course, you need to pass a certification exam. Once you pass the exam, you will receive a certificate that is valid for five years.

Renewal of Lead Paint Certification

Lead paint certification needs to be renewed every five years. To renew your certification, you need to take a refresher course and pass an exam.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Failure to comply with lead paint certification requirements can result in significant penalties, including fines and even imprisonment. In Maryland, the fine for non-compliance can be up to $32,500 per violation.

The Benefits of Lead Paint Certification

Lead paint certification provides several benefits, including: – Health and safety: Certified workers are trained to handle lead paint safely, reducing the risk of lead poisoning for themselves and building occupants. – Legal compliance: Lead paint certification is required by law, so complying with the program can help you avoid legal trouble. – Business opportunities: If you are certified, you can advertise your services as lead-safe, which may attract clients who are concerned about lead paint. – Reputation: Being certified can enhance your reputation as a responsible and professional contractor.


Lead paint certification is a crucial program that helps to protect the health and safety of workers and building occupants. If you work on pre-1978 buildings, it is essential to get certified and stay up-to-date with the latest lead-safe work practices. By doing so, you can help to prevent lead poisoning and ensure legal compliance, while also enhancing your business opportunities and reputation.