Maryland Department Of The Environment Lead Paint

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If you are a resident of Maryland, you must be aware of the lead paint problem that has been prevalent in the state for years. The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) has been working tirelessly to address this issue and ensure the safety of the citizens.

What is Lead Paint?

Lead paint is a type of paint that contains high levels of lead, a toxic metal that can cause serious health problems. It was commonly used in homes and buildings before 1978. When lead paint deteriorates or is disturbed, it can release lead dust into the air, which can be harmful if ingested or inhaled.

The Role of MDE

The MDE is responsible for enforcing the state’s lead paint laws and regulations. They work to ensure that landlords, property owners, and contractors comply with these laws and take the necessary steps to protect residents from lead exposure.

Lead Paint Inspections

The MDE conducts lead paint inspections in homes and buildings to identify the presence of lead paint. If lead paint is found, the MDE provides guidance on how to safely remove or encapsulate it.

Lead Paint Abatement

Lead paint abatement is the process of removing or encapsulating lead paint in a safe manner. The MDE provides guidance on how to properly abate lead paint and offers financial assistance to eligible property owners.

Lead Poisoning Prevention

The MDE also works to prevent lead poisoning by providing education and outreach to residents, healthcare providers, and community organizations. They offer resources on how to identify and prevent lead exposure, as well as information on the health effects of lead poisoning.

The Lead Risk Reduction Program

The Lead Risk Reduction Program is a statewide program that provides financial assistance to eligible property owners for lead abatement and other lead hazard reduction activities. The program also offers education and outreach to residents and property owners on lead poisoning prevention.

The Lead Poisoning Registry

The Lead Poisoning Registry is a database of all reported cases of lead poisoning in Maryland. The MDE uses this information to track and monitor lead exposure in the state and to develop strategies to prevent lead poisoning.

The Importance of Addressing Lead Paint

Lead exposure can cause serious health problems, especially in children. It can lead to developmental delays, learning disabilities, and behavior problems. Addressing lead paint in homes and buildings is crucial to protecting the health and well-being of Maryland residents.


The Maryland Department of the Environment is committed to addressing the lead paint problem in the state. Through their lead paint inspections, abatement programs, and outreach efforts, they are working to ensure that Maryland residents are safe from lead exposure. If you suspect that your home or building contains lead paint, contact the MDE for guidance on how to address the issue.