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Ordering Bmw Touch Up Paint: A Comprehensive Guide

BMW Touch Up Paint How to Repair a Paint Chip


If you own a BMW, keeping it in pristine condition is essential. However, scratches and chips are inevitable, especially if you frequently drive on busy roads. Fortunately, ordering touch up paint is a simple and affordable solution to keep your car looking like new. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about ordering BMW touch up paint.

Why Should You Order BMW Touch Up Paint?

Scratches and chips can not only affect the aesthetic appeal of your BMW but also reduce its value. Touch up paint can help to prevent rust and further damage to the affected areas. By repairing minor damages, you can restore your car’s appearance and prevent more costly repairs in the long run.

How to Identify Your BMW’s Paint Code

Before ordering touch up paint, you need to identify your BMW’s paint code. The paint code is a three or four-digit number that is located on the driver’s side door jamb, under the hood, or in the trunk. You can also find the paint code on the BMW’s build sheet or in the owner’s manual.

Choosing the Right BMW Touch Up Paint

When ordering BMW touch up paint, you need to ensure that you choose the right color and finish. BMW touch up paints come in various finishes, including metallic, matte, and gloss. You can find the right touch up paint by using your car’s paint code or by using the color match tool on the BMW website.

Where to Order BMW Touch Up Paint

You can order BMW touch up paint from various sources, including the official BMW website, authorized dealerships, and online retailers. It is essential to ensure that you order from a reputable source to guarantee that you receive high-quality, genuine BMW touch up paint.

How to Apply BMW Touch Up Paint

Applying BMW touch up paint is a simple process that requires minimal tools and time. Before applying the paint, you need to clean and dry the affected area. Once the area is clean, you can apply the touch up paint using the brush applicator provided. It is essential to follow the instructions carefully and allow the paint to dry completely.

When to Seek Professional Assistance

While applying BMW touch up paint is a straightforward process, some damages may require professional assistance. If the damage is extensive or affects multiple panels, it is best to seek the help of a professional BMW technician. They can ensure that the repair is done correctly, and the affected area is restored to its original condition.

Tips for Maintaining Your BMW’s Appearance

To prevent scratches and chips, it is essential to maintain your BMW’s appearance regularly. You can do this by washing your car regularly, parking away from other cars, and using a car cover. Additionally, you can apply a protective coating to your car’s paint to reduce the risk of damage.


Ordering BMW touch up paint is an easy and affordable way to maintain your car’s appearance and value. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can identify the right touch up paint, apply it correctly, and prevent further damage to your BMW. Remember to maintain your car’s appearance regularly to keep it looking like new.