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Rachel Austen Paint By Number: A Relaxing Hobby For Everyone

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Are you looking for a fun and relaxing hobby that can help you unwind after a long day at work? Look no further than Rachel Austen Paint by Number kits! These kits come with everything you need to create a beautiful painting, with the added benefit of being able to switch off your brain and enjoy the soothing process of painting.

What is Paint by Number?

Paint by Number is a form of art in which an image is divided into sections, each marked with a number that corresponds to a particular color. By filling in each section with the corresponding color, you can create a beautiful painting without needing any artistic skill or experience.

Meet Rachel Austen

Rachel Austen is a popular Paint by Number artist and designer, known for creating beautiful and intricate designs that are perfect for both beginners and experienced painters. Her kits come with high-quality materials and detailed instructions, ensuring that even those who have never painted before can create a stunning work of art.

Why Choose Rachel Austen Paint by Number Kits?

There are many reasons to choose Rachel Austen Paint by Number kits over other brands. For one, her designs are unique and eye-catching, with a wide range of themes and styles to choose from. Additionally, her kits come with everything you need to get started, including high-quality paints, brushes, and a pre-printed canvas.

How to Get Started

Getting started with a Rachel Austen Paint by Number kit is easy! Simply choose the design that speaks to you, and order it online. When it arrives, open up the kit and familiarize yourself with the materials and instructions. Then, find a quiet, comfortable spot to work on your painting and start filling in the sections with the corresponding colors.

The Benefits of Paint by Number

Paint by Number is a great way to relax and unwind, and can provide numerous mental health benefits. By focusing on the task at hand and allowing your mind to switch off, you can reduce stress and anxiety, improve your mood, and increase your overall sense of wellbeing.

Advanced Techniques

Once you’ve completed a few Rachel Austen Paint by Number kits, you may want to try some more advanced techniques, such as blending colors or adding your own touches to the design. Rachel Austen’s kits are perfect for this, as they provide a solid foundation for experimentation and creativity.


Rachel Austen Paint by Number kits are a fantastic way to unleash your creativity and enjoy some much-needed relaxation. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced painter, her kits offer something for everyone, with beautiful designs that are sure to impress. So why not give Paint by Number a try today and see for yourself why it’s become such a popular hobby around the world?