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The Cost To Paint The Interior Of A 1400 Sq Ft House In 2023

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If you’re planning to give your home a new look, painting the interior walls is a great way to start. Not only does it freshen up the space, but it also adds value to your home. However, one of the most significant hurdles when it comes to painting your home is the cost. In this article, we will discuss the cost to paint the interior of a 1400 sq ft house in 2023.

The Average Cost to Paint the Interior of a 1400 Sq Ft House

The average cost to paint the interior of a 1400 sq ft house in 2023 is around $2,500-$4,000. This price range includes the cost of labor, materials, and supplies. However, the final cost may vary depending on certain factors such as the quality of the paint, the number of coats required, and the condition of the walls.

The Cost of Labor

The cost of labor is usually the most significant expense when it comes to painting the interior of your home. The average cost of labor in 2023 is around $25-$35 per hour per painter. Typically, it takes 2-3 painters around 3-4 days to complete the job. So, the cost of labor can be estimated at around $2,500-$3,500.

The Cost of Materials and Supplies

The cost of materials and supplies is the second most significant expense. The cost of paint varies depending on the quality and brand. Usually, a gallon of paint costs around $25-$50, and you may need 2-3 gallons to cover a 1400 sq ft house. Other supplies such as brushes, rollers, and drop cloths may cost around $100-$200.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Painting the Interior of a 1400 Sq Ft House

Apart from the size of your house and the cost of labor and materials, several other factors can affect the final cost of painting your home’s interior. These factors include the following:

The Condition of the Walls

If your walls are in poor condition, such as having cracks, holes, or peeling paint, the cost of painting will increase. You may need to repair the walls first, which can add to the cost.

The Number of Coats Required

If you’re changing the color of your walls, you may need more than one coat of paint. The more coats required, the higher the cost.

The Quality of the Paint

Higher quality paints tend to be more expensive, but they also have a longer lifespan and better coverage. So, if you’re looking for a better finish and more durability, you may need to invest in high-quality paint.

Tips to Save Money on Painting the Interior of Your Home

Here are some tips that can help you save money when painting the interior of your home:


If you have the time and skills, you can paint your home’s interior yourself. This can significantly reduce the cost of labor.

Buy in Bulk

Buying paint and supplies in bulk can help you save money in the long run. You can also look for sales and discounts to reduce the cost of materials.

Choose a Neutral Color

Choosing a neutral color can save you money in the long run as it tends to have better resale value. Also, it’s easier to touch up and doesn’t require frequent repainting.


Painting the interior of your home is an excellent way to give it a new look and add value. The cost to paint the interior of a 1400 sq ft house in 2023 can vary depending on several factors. However, with proper planning and budgeting, you can achieve the desired results without breaking the bank.