Understanding The Lead Paint Rider In Nyc

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What is the Lead Paint Rider in NYC?

If you’re a tenant living in NYC, you might have come across the term “lead paint rider.” This is a clause in your lease agreement that outlines the risks associated with living in an older apartment building that might contain lead-based paint.

Why is Lead Paint Dangerous?

Lead-based paint was widely used in the past but has since been banned due to its harmful effects on human health. When lead paint deteriorates, it can create dust and chips that can be ingested or inhaled, leading to lead poisoning.

What Does the Lead Paint Rider Require?

The lead paint rider requires landlords to disclose whether their properties contain lead-based paint. If lead-based paint is present, landlords must provide tenants with information on how to prevent exposure to lead.

How to Protect Yourself from Lead Paint Exposure

Inspect Your Apartment

If you’re concerned about lead paint in your apartment, you can request an inspection from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. They will test the paint for lead and provide you with a report.

Keep Your Home Clean

Regularly cleaning your home can help reduce exposure to lead. Use a wet mop or cloth to clean floors and surfaces, and vacuum using a HEPA filter.

Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands frequently can help reduce the risk of ingesting lead. Make sure to wash your hands before eating or preparing food.

Get Your Child Tested

Children are particularly susceptible to lead poisoning. If you have a child under the age of six, make sure to get them tested for lead exposure.

What to Do If You Suspect Lead Paint Exposure

If you suspect that you or your child has been exposed to lead, seek medical attention immediately. Symptoms of lead poisoning include abdominal pain, headaches, and fatigue.

Contact Your Landlord

If you suspect that your apartment contains lead-based paint and your landlord has not disclosed this information, contact them immediately. They are required by law to provide you with information on how to protect yourself from exposure to lead.

File a Complaint

If your landlord fails to provide you with the necessary information, you can file a complaint with the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development.


The lead paint rider is an important clause in your lease agreement that can help protect you from exposure to lead-based paint. By taking the necessary precautions and knowing your rights as a tenant, you can ensure that you and your family stay safe and healthy.