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Where To Recycle Spray Paint Cans Near Me

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Why Recycle Spray Paint Cans?

Spray paint cans are one of the most commonly used items in households and industries. They are used for painting walls, furniture, automobiles, and many other surfaces. However, once the spray paint is used up, the can becomes a hazardous waste material that needs to be disposed of properly. By recycling spray paint cans, we can reduce the amount of hazardous waste that ends up in landfills and protect the environment.

How to Identify Hazardous Waste Spray Paint Cans

Before recycling spray paint cans, it’s important to identify hazardous waste materials. These are the cans that contain sprayed or unused paint and are labeled with the words “Danger,” “Warning,” or “Caution.” The cans may also have a symbol of a skull and crossbones or a flame. Non-hazardous waste spray paint cans are labeled with the words “Empty” or “Non-hazardous.”

How to Recycle Spray Paint Cans Near Me

Option 1: Local Recycling Centers

Many local recycling centers accept spray paint cans for recycling. You can search online for a recycling center near you or check with your local government for recycling programs in your area. Most recycling centers will accept both hazardous and non-hazardous spray paint cans.

Option 2: Retailers

Some retailers, such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, offer spray paint can recycling programs. These retailers have collection bins in their stores where you can drop off your empty or partially empty spray paint cans. Check with your local store to see if they participate in the program.

Option 3: Hazardous Waste Disposal Facilities

If your local recycling center or retailer does not accept hazardous waste materials, you can contact your local hazardous waste disposal facility. These facilities are specially equipped to handle hazardous waste materials and will ensure that the spray paint cans are disposed of properly.

Tips for Recycling Spray Paint Cans

Empty Cans

If your spray paint can is empty, you can recycle it as a non-hazardous waste material. Remove the spray nozzle and place it in the trash. Then, place the empty can in your recycling bin.

Partially Full Cans

If your spray paint can is partially full, it needs to be disposed of as a hazardous waste material. Do not throw the can in the trash or recycle bin. Instead, take it to a local recycling center, retailer, or hazardous waste disposal facility.

Other Safety Tips

Always wear gloves and safety glasses when handling spray paint cans. Keep the cans away from open flames and heat sources. Do not puncture or crush the cans. Store them in a cool, dry place until you can properly dispose of them.


Recycling spray paint cans is an important step in protecting the environment and reducing hazardous waste. By following the tips and options provided, you can easily recycle your spray paint cans near you. Remember to always handle the cans safely and dispose of them properly.